This post is just a “teaser”, as I’ve included the link that will direct you to Michael Hyatt’s blog.  There, you’ll find my guest post, “Never Waste a Good Fiasco”.  You’ll also get the story behind this picture, as to why these college students are pushing a bus after midnight, hours from home.

I’m honored that Michael Hyatt accepted my guest post.  Especially considering that on a recent list of “Top 200 Church Blogs”, his ranked #3 in the world!

If you’re not familiar with Michael, he’s the best-selling author (among other things) of the new book, Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World.  I just finished reading the book myself and highly recommend it!  I also recommend following Michael on Twitter and Facebook.

And now for the quotes:

  1. “Just as storms can make sailors better sailors, fiascos can make leaders better leaders.”
  2. “A good fiasco reminds us we have limitations, there are things beyond our control, and not everything relies on our own human ingenuity.  It brings us to our knees and beacon us to pray for help while we’re there.”
  3. “Every situation is a test you will pass or fail by the attitude you possess.”
  4. “When things ‘go wrong,’ your behavior will show your true character.  It’s an unparalleled opportunity to set the pace for better or for worse.”
  5. “Life’s too short to take ourselves too seriously.”
  6. “A fiasco is your friend because a fiasco makes you friends.”
  7. “Unexpected situations often require people to step up to new challenges.”
  8. “These moments prove a person’s resilience, creativity, and ability to improvise and work with others.  You’re likely to discover something you didn’t know about yourself or someone else.  Something that serves to be a vital breakthrough.”
  9. “When a fiasco enters the equation, it not only challenges your determination to fulfill your dream, but it helps you see your dream in light of eternity.”
  10. “Never underestimate the power of a good fiasco.  When you consider its potential, you will welcome its blessing.”

Again, click here to read the full post: “Never Waste a Good Fiasco”


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