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“Intriguing … and powerful. In its simplicity and starkness, Question Everything rescues Bible study and reading from the perfunctory and returns them to the wondrous and exhilarating.”
Author, Compiler of The Divine Hours Series of Prayer Manuals


“I love the Bible. And I love Tyler Ellis. Tyler not only reads the Bible, he practices it. When I look at spiritual giants to find a common denominator in their lives, it is nearly always daily Bible reading. Question Everything will make your times in God’s Word more productive and more enjoyable—no question about it.”
President of Christian Relief Fund


“This is one of the most effective ways I have ever seen to plant the Word of God in your heart and mind. You will find the answers to life as you ask the right questions. Tyler Ellis has provided excellent questions to help you on your journey of faith.”
President, HomeWord
Author of Faith Conversations for Families and Confident Parenting


“Asking good questions is one of the most basic beginning points for learning to read the Bible better. Tyler Ellis’s simple approach encourages believers to get out of their ruts and engage God’s Word from a fresh perspective.”
Author of Read the Bible for Life: Your Guide to Understanding & Living God’s Word


“May God use Tyler Ellis’s book Question Everything to open the beauty of the Bible to many.”
Author, Co-host of The Way of the Master


“The growing Bible disconnect in ‘Bible Country’ has a cause. The Bible still has the Answers, so it must be that we no longer have the questions. Tyler Ellis offers us a solution by giving us the QUESTIONS. It is Bible Q & A.”
Author of End of the Spear, Founder of Itec


“This book should get an award for ‘how to ask great questions.’ Jesus beats out Socrates as the master questioner of all time, but Tyler Ellis ranks high in his generation. When I read the Bible with these questions in mind, a whole new unveiling and unfolding of the Scriptures take place.”
Professor, Best-Selling Author of Jesus Manifesto, Viral, and I am a Follower


“Tyler Ellis’s Question Everything fits into the ‘Why didn’t I think of that?’ category. Bible reading is like any reading in this respect: we’ll enjoy it more and get more out of it if we bring our curiosity (questions) to the text. The verse-by-verse approach that Ellis employs will pull the reader in closer to what is written, stimulate great discussion, and help all of us encounter Scripture in exciting, life-changing ways. This book will work well for private Bible reading and exceptionally well for small-group studies.”
President and CEO, Coalition for Christian Outreach


“Like many of the ancients including Socrates, Jesus loved to teach by way of asking questions of his audience. ‘What do you think?’ Jesus asked repeatedly, and you just have to believe that the tone of his voice was more like: ‘What do YOU think?’ Not your church, not your preacher, not your parents, not your friends, not the world at large, but what do YOU think? That is the beauty of the unique approach to Scripture that Tyler Ellis has captured in his thought-full book: Question Everything: A Fresh Way to Read the Best-Selling Book of All Time. Not only is his approach a marvelous way to get the reader into the heart of the text, but perhaps the best way ever to get the text into the heart of the reader.”
Compiler and Narrator of The Daily Bible (the NIV in chronological order)


“Tyler Ellis is presenting a very unique approach to Bible study by helping the reader not only read the Bible but to grow in understanding and application of the Word, thereby moving to wisdom. As parent educators, we believe this resource can serve as a tool for both personal and family devotion, and can also make an excellent curriculum for home schooling families. Question Everything is a must read for any serious student of the Bible, no matter his or her age.”
Authors of Growing Kids God’s Way


“In this life, we spend a lot of time seeking answers, but rarely do we consider if we are pursuing the right questions. In this book, Tyler has built a framework of questions that can be your guide to deeper study and understanding.”
Author of The Ultimate Gift


“Before I read a book, I want to know that I can trust the author. I can personally attest that Tyler is a gifted Bible teacher, he has a deep love for those he is mentoring, and I’ve seen him serve those who are living in poverty. Tyler humbly lives out his faith in a real and genuine way. He is an author you can trust. This resource that he has developed is creative and yet simple. By simply asking questions, it will walk with you through the trustworthy ancient paths of God’s Word, aid you in hearing His fresh, relevant voice, and help you deepen your knowledge and relationship with Him.”
Founder of Apache Youth Ministries


“Wisdom doesn’t begin with having the right answers, but with asking the right questions. Question Everything is a wonderful way to pursue the wisdom of God. It won’t just help you go through the Bible; it will help the Bible go through you.”
Minister of the Word, The Hills Church of Christ


“To get to the Truth, it is imperative to ‘question everything.’ What an ingenious way to read and study the Word by answering questions! Isn’t it amazing how the ingenious can be so simple? In the quest for answers, the reader’s understanding increases, and at the same time, the Word is internalized. It is a win/win strategy for discipleship and growing a deeper relationship with the Lord.”
President/CEO of The Seed Company


“The best Bible study engages the reader, brings clarity to Jesus’ teaching and provides practical application that works in the real world. Question Everything artfully guides the reader through the Scripture to achieve all three aims. I recommend Tyler Ellis’s book to every serious student of God’s Word.”
Retired Senior Minister of Southeast Christian Church


“Tyler’s Question Everything is an excellent resource for individual or group study of God’s Word. Many people read the Bible but do not allow for an examination of the message. Knowledge is having the right answers. Wisdom is having the right questions. This book will help readers reach a higher level of wisdom. Read it and see what God reveals.”
Director of Intentional Impact Ministries, Seminar Speaker, Life Coach, and Author of The Path to Passion and God’s Divine Appointments


“There is power and transformation in asking the right questions. In his book, Question Everything, Tyler Ellis invites us to join him on a transformational journey by asking the right questions of the right book. I have enjoyed watching the growth of Tyler as a servant of God. Much of his growth has been because of his inquisitive nature, his devotion to the Word of God, and his desire to be pleasing to his Creator. My prayer is that this simple but powerful approach to Bible study will empower your quest to be transformed into the image of Christ.”
Director of Church Equipping
Missions Resource Network


“What a unique book Tyler Ellis has prepared! Instead of giving us yet another commentary on the Scriptures, Ellis helps readers see for themselves what the Bible actually says. How? By merely asking questions. These aren’t cleverly designed questions that manipulate the reader, but just straightforward questions—with no particular answers implied. When you finish going through Question Everything along with your Bible, you won’t know very much about what Ellis teaches. But you will certainly have a much better grasp of what the Bible teaches.”
Author of Will the Real Heretics Please Stand Up


“The reflective side of life is often forgotten in our fast-forward world. In Question Everything, Tyler Ellis calls us to slow down and think our way through the New Testament. He provides nearly 8,000 thought-provoking, engaging questions to stimulate our understanding of the Christian faith. This book will whet the reader’s appetite for a greater knowledge of the Word of God.”
Director of Church Relations
Pepperdine University


“Tyler Ellis has an intense passion for the Lord and His Word, and deeply desires for others to share that same passion. This book is evidence of a seeker’s heart for those with a seeker’s heart. My prayer is that this work becomes widely used as the tool it is intended to be, and that countless numbers of people grow intimately closer to God and His Word as a result. Imagine what God can do with that!”
Director of Adventures In Missions (AIM), the two-year apprentice missionary program of Sunset International Bible Institute for college-aged people


“While much-needed labor has been put into scholastic commentaries that teach us about the Scriptures, Tyler Ellis invites us to practically discover the life-changing power of the Bible by forcing us to question how it applies directly to our lives. Through the process of asking questions, we are immersed anew into the life-changing power of the Scriptures. This book is perfect for those studying the Bible for the first time, for small groups studying a book of the Bible, for the mature believer wishing to rediscover God’s timeless Word, or for the leader who wants to make sure their teaching is practical.”
Author of Worlds Apart: Understanding the Mindset and Values of 18-25 Year Olds and Better Off Without Jesus: Embracing the Promise of the Holy Spirit


“Bible reading is good, reading for depth of insight and understanding is better. You’ve heard it said if you don’t start with the best question you can’t get the better answers. Tyler Ellis provides a fruitful starting place for insight by providing good questions for every New Testament verse. These questions should be fertile ground for rich reflection on the meaning of the New Testament text for your life.”
Executive Director of Kairos Church Planting


Question Everything is a unique title, inviting readers to seek objective truth. The questions that Tyler Ellis has developed elicit answers directly from the Word of God. This approach will cultivate the important role of inquiry in our pilgrimage to understand the difference God’s message is meant to make in our lives.”
Vice President of Crusades, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association


“For those who do not like to be spoon-fed information, look no further. Question Everything allows Scripture to speak directly to you in this easily formatted book. Unpack the Bible verse by verse at your own pace and let the Truth be revealed.”
Author of Crossroads: Navigating your Calling and Career and Perspectives: A Spiritual Life Guide for Twentysomethings


“God’s Word will transform our lives and our world if we learn how to let it. We do this by meditating on the Bible day and night (Psalm 1). Meditation at its core is simply asking good questions. Meditation asks ‘What is the Bible saying?’ and ‘How does it apply to my life?’ That is why I am so excited about Question Everything, because it trains us how to ask meaningful questions of God’s Word. I am very grateful for the work Tyler put in to make this resource available and stoked to see how it impacts my life!”
Director of Christian Challenge at Cal State, Blogger


“Life is full of many tough questions, but few have the right answers. In Question Everything, Tyler Ellis creatively uses verse-specific questions to help us discover God’s response to timeless questions such as, ‘Who am I?’, ‘What is my purpose for living?’, and ‘How do I fit into God’s universal plan?’ Reading this book is like engaging in a spiritual treasure hunt for hidden nuggets in God’s Word. This book will ultimately become a popular resource for getting the most out of personal and group Bible studies.”
Professor of Applied Economics and Statistics, University of Delaware


“As someone who tends to encounter more questions in my Bible-reading than answers, this book is right up my alley. Its questions help the reader slow down and think hard about verses, passages, or ideas that may be too easily skipped over. Question Everything isn’t a replacement for your Bible, but can be a valuable biblical companion.”
Author of Pocket Guide to the Bible and O Me of Little Faith: True Confessions of a Spiritual Weakling


“Jesus, the Master Teacher, was the master of asking questions. Whether in a scandalous conversation with a woman at a well who expected shame but received grace, or in a scathing confrontation with prideful religious leaders whose hidden shame was exposed, Jesus used questions both to open and to engage the heart. In like fashion, Tyler Ellis invites the reader to open and engage their hearts with the Author of the Word. Question Everything challenges the reader to take step one on the journey to discovering the Way, the Truth, and the Life to the Father. Step one being, of course, to simply ask.”
Lead Pastor of Fellowship Evangelic Free Church, Author of Shaping the Spiritual Life of Students: A Guide for Youth Workers, Pastors, Teachers & Campus Ministers, and Co-Author of Shaping the Journey of Emerging Adults


“Don’t let the title fool you. Question Everything is not a brazen attack on God’s authority or a sinister strike against sacred Scripture. Rather, it is a unique and powerful approach to studying the Bible. Tyler Ellis has done something so simple and yet profound: to ask a question about every verse in the New Testament! When I first saw this book, my initial reaction was, ‘Why didn’t I think of doing this?’ It has been said that the best commentary on the Bible is the Bible itself. The best way to discover the meaning of the Bible is to ask questions. Jesus often taught by asking questions and now Tyler Ellis has provided us with an incredibly helpful tool. Every student of the Bible, young or old, should get Question Everything and start their personal quest of going through the Bible—questioning everything!”
Founder and President, Peace on Earth Ministries
Editor of One Body
Author of 22 books, including Together in Christ: More Than a Dream

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