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(aka “Finding Meaning in Daily Acts of Good”) 

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Is the “Good News” of Christianity Still Good News to Christians?

If there’s one thing Tyler has learned through twenty years of ministry, it’s that most people around the world believe: ACCEPTANCE in Heaven depends on PERFORMANCE on Earth.

What’s especially perplexing, however, is that Christians are no exception to this way of thinking.
Tyler’s research and experience have shown that: half the Christians at your next Conference, Chapel, or Church event struggle with…

  • Understanding how Christianity is any different from other religions.
  • Approaching God on a point-system; never knowing where they stand.
  • Pride when they keep the rules, and disillusionment when they break them.
  • A misplaced trust in their right beliefs and behaviors instead of Jesus.
  • Doing good that’s motivated by guilt and fear instead of love and gratitude.
  • The temptation to join their friends who have already ditched their faith.
  • Sharing the “Good News” with others when they don’t perceive it as good themselves.

If your audience can relate to these common struggles, then consider bringing Tyler to your next event.

Speaking Testimonials

“Tyler is a humble, yet dynamic speaker. His provocative, honest style captured the attention of our students and faculty. I look forward to seeing how he blesses others with his message.”


Bible Chair/Chapel Coordinator, Fort Worth Christian School

“Tyler is passionate about people! He has a dynamic view of the world and culture. This work is proof of his heart and his mission! I can’t wait to see it change the world!”


Minister of Evangelism for The Hills Church, Dallas Cowboys Offensive Tackle, 2003

“Tyler Ellis lives to communicate passionately and effectively with people, especially those who are not like him. Over the years I’ve learned a lot about how to love others and live with purpose from him, because he has a great handle on both big ideas and the practical ways to live them out. I’m honored to call him a colleague and friend.”


Campus Minister for Longhorns for Christ, University of Texas

“It is refreshing to see wisdom and wide-eyed wonder in the same person. That is Tyler Ellis. He is passionate about people and eager to chase a lifetime of learning. Tyler’s speaking style is one of engaging story-telling and interesting observations. The content and delivery will spark conversations that extend well beyond the event.”


MRG Presentations, LLC

Signature Talks

“Jesus Is Not A Role Model” (TEDx Talk)

Tyler shares the unexpected adventures and discoveries he experienced after interviewing fifty people. It includes the shocking consensus that, “Acceptance in Heaven depends on performance on Earth” – a belief which nationwide studies confirm Christians are no exception. This presentation seeks to dispel the misconception of understanding Jesus as the Model who came to show the way to Heaven by our merits, rather than the Messiah who came to be the way to Heaven by his merits.

This keynote will focus on:

  • Two illustrations that helped people make sense of Jesus for the first time.
  • The Power of Questions to identify beliefs, barriers and starting points.
  • The Skeptic’s Prayer.
  • Learning about Christian Conversion from the first people who ever did.
  • The Motivational Context of Good works: not to be forgiven, but because; not motivated by guilt, but by gratitude.

Meet Tyler Ellis

Tyler Ellis is an artist, an award-winner author of Question Everything and a keynote speaker. He is best-known for his TEDx Talk, Jesus Is Not A Role Model (aka: Finding Meaning in Daily Acts of Good). After earning his bachelor’s degree in Biblical Studies and spending the last two decades serving in missions and College Ministry, he now works for a nonprofit called Let’s Start Talking. As the Associate Director of FriendSpeak at LST, Tyler trains churches around the country to help refugees and international students improve their English through conversational reading sessions using the Bible.

Tyler is on a mission to dispel the misconceptions about Jesus and Christianity that keep people from knowing God and impacting eternity.

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