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Tyler’s Signature Talks

“Jesus Is Not A Role Model” – TEDx Talk

Tyler shares the unexpected adventures and discoveries he experienced after interviewing fifty people. It includes the shocking consensus that, “Acceptance in Heaven depends on performance on Earth” – a belief which nationwide studies confirm Christians are no exception. This presentation seeks to dispel the misconception of understanding Jesus as the Model who came to show the way to Heaven by our merits, rather than the Messiah who came to be the way to Heaven by his merits.

This keynote will focus on:

  • Two illustrations that helped people make sense of Jesus for the first time.
  • The Power of Questions to identify beliefs, barriers and starting points.
  • The Skeptic’s Prayer.
  • Learning about Christian Conversion from the first people who ever did.
  • The Motivational Context of Good works: not to be forgiven, but because; not motivated by guilt, but by gratitude.

“See To It No One Misses God’s Grace”

This presentation gets its title from Hebrews 12:15. The four phrases within the verse serve as an outline which Tyler walks the audience through in reverse order. 1.) What is “God’s grace”? 2.) What causes people to “miss” it? 3.) Who are the “one’s” missing it the most? 4.) What does it look like to “see to it” no one does?

This keynote will focus on:

  • The 2 Corinthians 13:5 Faith Test.The 2 Corinthians 13:5 Faith Test.
  • The Pros and Cons of Growing Up Inside and Outside of the Church.
  • Making Your Impact List.

“Loving The Foreigners In Our Land”

If you ask Christians, “In a word, how does The Great Commission make you feel?” research shows that most Christians will admit they don’t know what The Great Commission is. But among those who do, the first word that comes to mind is often, “Daunting”. How can God expect us to, “Make disciples of ALL nations?” The second word is “Guilty”. So how can we close the gap between knowing The Great Commission and obeying The Great Commission? In this presentation, Tyler exposes Hell’s best kept secret by revealing how we can reach the world by getting the foreigners in our land on the radars of the church.

This keynote will focus on:

  • The Paradigm Shift in our Approach to Missions.The Paradigm Shift in our Approach to Missions.
  • The Pentecost Parallel: Yesterday’s Jerusalem and Today’s University.
  • The 10/40 Window: International Students and Refugees.
  • The Opportunity of FriendSpeak.

“Crossing The Chasms That Stand Between You and God”

This apologetics-oriented presentation can serve as a training event for Christians or an outreach event for non-Christians. Either way, it’s fun and effective. Tyler starts by displaying five chasms representing the five most common obstacles that keep people from friendship with God. He then provides an approach for evaluating the “bridges” that Christianity trusts to cross each chasm with confidence. This approach builds a cumulative case for Christianity.

This keynote will focus on:

  • The Giant Misconception that steals the wind from our investigative sails.The Giant Misconception that steals the wind from our investigative sails.
  • What is faith and who has it?
  • The 100-Questions-Away-from-God Exercise.
  • The Existence of God; The Reliability of the Bible; The Identity of Jesus; The Problem of Evil; Moral Miscgivings.
  • Three Depths of Resources for going at your own pace.

Additional Topics Tyler Has Spoken On:

  • Making Jesus’s Last Prayer the Church’s First Priority
  • How to Have Spiritual Conversations that Accomplish Something
  • One Sows. Another Reaps. Both Celebrate
  • How To Keep Your Spiritual Fervor
  • Lessons from the Life of William Wilberforce
  • Loving God with your Head, Heart and Hands
  • Following Jesus Into the World
  • Teach Us to Number Our Days
  • Dispelling the Secular/Sacred Divide
  • CORPORATE TALK: Never Waste A Good Fiasco

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