Inside the Mind of a Bar Mitzvahed Atheist Biology Student

Alanna - Copy 
1.  What is your religious background?
I was raised Jewish.  I went to Hebrew school and I was Bar Mitzvahed when I was twelve.  I stopped going after that, but we still celebrate the major Jewish holidays.  My parents and all my grandparents are Jewish.  My mom still goes to synagogue but my dad was never really into it.  He was fine with me and my sister going because my mom wanted us to.  Unless you’re really into it, most people stop at Bar Mitzvah.  While my mom wanted to pass on the cultural traditions, she never wanted to force anything on us.  So we still celebrate Passover and, if I’m home on Rosh Hashanah, we go to service and have the whole family over.  Looking back, I view my upbringing as a positive experience.

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God’s Not Dead: Movie, Interviews, Song, Book

gods_not_dead_xlgIn case you hadn’t heard, there is a movie called, “God’s Not Dead” that hits theaters today.

In this post, I’ve rounded up a bunch of helpful resources which have convinced me to take a handful of college students to see the movie tonight.  If you browse through them, I’m confident you’ll decide to see it too!

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Inside the Mind of a Jewish-Born Agnostic College Student

Juli - Copy 
1.  What is your religious background?
I grew up in a conservative Jewish synagogue, going to Hebrew school.  I’ve been Bat Mitzvah’d.  But we kind of lean more towards the reformed side.  Both my parents are Jewish; my mom actually converted from being Methodist.  Her mom and two sisters are still Methodist.  Both of my grandparents on my dad’s side were Jewish.  My uncle is a rabbi.

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5 Excellent Quotes from John Lennox’s Book, ‘Seven Days That Divide the World’

seven-days-that-divide-the-world-lennox-john1.  “There is a way of understanding Genesis 1 that does not compromise the authority and primacy of Scripture and that, at the same time, takes into account our increased knowledge of the universe, as Scripture itself suggests we should (Rom. 1:19-20).”

2.  “Genesis challenges atheism’s fundamental assertion that human life has appeared without the activity of God’s mind, so that there is nothing special about human beings.”

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Gimme Shelter – New Movie With Pro-Life Message

Story/Synopsis (From the Website)

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A Graduate Student’s Summary of “Radical” by David Platt

Last semester at the University of Delaware, three of the students in our College Ministry read David Platt’s best-selling book, Radical: Taking Back Your Faith from the American Dream.  Here is a summary of the book from one of them, a graduate student named Ryan Evans.

radicalThe book “Radical” by David Platt is a hard-hitting survey of contemporary Christians living in America, and how it differs drastically from the Christianity Jesus had in mind and what the early church looked like.  Indeed, the first chapter begins by describing an underground church in Asia meeting in a tiny room filled to the brim with believers who had traveled a long distance on foot or bicycle to get there, some even risking their lives to do so.  He tells of weeping and prayers for believers who have been taken by the government or local cults.  He contrasts this with the mega-church he became the pastor of in America, in a million-dollar church building with millions of dollars in automobiles in the parking lot.  Here, he touches on the cost of not being totally sold out to Jesus.

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Zionists, Zambians, Zombie Enthusiasts, and Other People God Loves

26 of 26 - God's Loves Z People
Zelda players,
Zeusophobes, and
Zooey Deschanel fans.
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Yoga Enthusiasts, Yale Students, Yankees Fans, and Other People God Loves

25 of 26 - God's Loves Y People
Yogi Berra fans,
Young people,
Yoruba Mythologists, and

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10 of My Favorite Lyrics From Switchfoot’s New Album, Fading West

Switchfoot, my all-time favorite band, just released a new album, Fading West.

SwitchfootIn listening to the album in one sitting, two words seem to echo throughout nearly every song.  The word “heart” and the word “fight.”  I think these two words not only capture the essence of the album but of the man, Jon Foreman, who is the band’s lead singer and main song writer.  The album is brilliant, honest, and challenging.

If there was a third word, it might be “ocean,” which makes sense as the band is made up of surfers from San Diego, CA.

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Xbox Addicts, Xenophiles, X-Rated Film Producers, and Other People God Loves

24 of 26 - God's Loves X People 
Xerox Copy Machine Repairers,
X-Men fans,
Xavantina citizens, and
Xylophone players.
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